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Brake Discs

We have purchased a "Brake Disc Lathe" to help in reducing our customers costs.

Tony ensuring that the disc is meeting the technical specification that is required for that perfect braking surface.

We can reduce the costs of replacing your brake discs by as much as £50.00 per axle !

What Our
Customers Say

"Excellent! Many thanks for brilliant tool and service. Recommended seller A+++++"
Diagnosticjonny Ebay Feedback November 2018

Myths and Facts

There are plenty of myths flying around about disc skimming. It’s not some mysterious black art but high-precision engineering. So here we correct some of these.

  • MYTH: Brake disc skimming makes discs too thin. FACT: If a set of discs were too thin in the first place they should be replaced. We’d never argue with that. But…. the machining process removes only the tiniest slice. Pro-Cut’s on-car brake lathe shaves off typically just 0.3 to 0.5mm of total disc thickness. So if there was at least this amount of material left on the disc, skimming it is not a problem.
  • MYTH: Brake disc skimming doesn’t solve brake judder. FACT: Pro-Cut PFM machines have been around since 1999. Since then they’ve been tested and approved by almost every vehicle manufacturer, because they solve brake vibration problems. With some makes of vehicle it’s mandatory for the dealership to have the machine.

    Pro-Cut’s machines work directly on the vehicle, taking account of any hub run-out. The fact is that the automatic ‘compensation’ mechanism reduces run-out to below 0.025mm (or 1 ‘thou’). The disc is then ‘matched’ to the hub, and the surfaces machined at precisely 90 degrees to the axle. There is no Disc Thickness Variation, eliminating any possibility of brake judder.
  • MYTH: You don’t need to skim discs on the car. FACT: Yes you do! You can of course skim discs off the car, using a bench lathe. But why would you want to spend time removing the disc and then refitting it? And more importantly, off-car machining doesn’t take account of any hub run-out or unwanted particles between mating surfaces. You must make sure the disc is actually matched to the hub to which it’s fitted, meaning that the disc has to be machined on the car.
  • MYTH: There are lots of vehicles whose discs you can’t skim. FACT: With their hub-mounted design, Pro-Cut brake lathes can skim any disc on any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. This includes all front and rear discs, solid, vented, cross-drilled and slotted discs.

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