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Davanti Returns to Idiada

10 November 2016

Davanti Tyres returned to Indiana in June following last year's successful testing of their DX390 and DX640 tyres. This time the aim was to put the DX240 for the super-mini class and the DX740 for SUV's, through the same rigorous testing process against competitive brands.

The testing provided insight into how Davanti performs relative to other tyres on the market, specifically the latest tyres from direct competitors. The results were hugely impressive with both patterns coming second only to the premium tyres tested.

The DX240 had some impressive results in the wet, outperforming even the premium brand in wet braking and wet handling. In dry conditions, the DX240 was narrowly beaten by its premium counterpart, scoring very high in Dry Stability and Dry Handling. In the overall results, the DX240 came a very close second to the premium brand and beat the mid-range and budget tyre it was tested against. A grand performance which drew particular praise from test engineer Ray Collier.

The DX740 also performed well across all test with majority of the scores landing in the 'Very Good' range. The DX740's consistency throughout all the tests and especially in the dry ensured a joint second place finish with one of its mid-range competitors. The second mid-range brand as well as the budget brand was inferior to Davanti's SUV tyre in overall testing.

Sean Maddocks, Sales Director for the UK and Ireland says "It's great to return to IDIADA for more comprehensive testing on the Davanti range and the results are exactly what we hoped for. We've launched a new brand that not only competes with more established mid-range brands, but actually beats them in independent testing.

"We've ensured that all the critical tests have been carried out, proving that both patterns are of exceptionally high quality and therefore incredible value to our customers."

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